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  :.: Welcome To Rways Group :.:
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RGC accepts cargo for virtually all major sectors of the world. We have our reach to destinations in the following areas :
01     Far East 02     Australia and New Zealand
03     Red Sea 04     Europe
05     U.S.A. 06     Eastern Mediterranean
07     Western Mediterranean 08     West Africa
09     South America 10     Gulf

RGC handles dry and bulk cargo at both Karachi Port and Port Qasim. It is our responsibility to look after the interests of our foreign principals operating liners and tramp vessels in the area.

Our team of professionals is tasked to handle tankers and a variety of vessels calling at either of the ports.

The whole job consists, among other things, the vital element of maintaining excellent relations with the port authority and the administration. This inevitably contributes toward the high level of service we provide.

RGC's specialty is provision of services to importers of petroleum products, especially for the Ministry of Petroleum. We also attend to vessels calling at Pakistani ports for loading of molasses or chemicals.

In addition, RGC represents a number of shipping companies who operate their vessels for the discharge of palm oil and other vegetable products.

RGC provides complete door-to-door service to transport containers of FCL cargo within Pakistan.

We work with a broad customer base of importers and traders who require the professional help in transporting their goods from Karachi to up-country destinations.

RGC specializes in project handling and heavy cargo.

For unique or unusually heavy cargo, special equipment is often arranged to facilitate free and smooth movement.

To reinforce the existing technological infrastructure, we introduced a new message communication system in September 1998, linking it with the rest of the world in one seamless global communication network.

This system is designed to maintain 24-hour online tracking of containers and other cargo en-route to the eventual destinations.

Messages, announcements and urgent information are routinely shared directly and instantaneously with our principal's offices.
:.: Welcome To Rways Group :.: