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  :.: Welcome To Rways Group :.:
Specialist Dry Cargo
R.G.C Tank Services
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Break Bulk Vessel
Hazardous Materials Desk
Project, Oversized and Special Cargoes
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Rways Logistics
Rways Container Line
ZAF Shipping Line Agents LLC
SF Mineral
Seafalcon Container Houses
Ship Breaking

Thank you for your strong and continuous support for Rways Group..

My priority is to ensure that we, as RGC (Rways Group ), deliver on our promise of being "the people making the difference in shipping" by providing a personal, accessible shipping service that combines excellent customer service and local expertise with product and service competitiveness.

As a Pakistann national shipping Group of middle standing, RGC (Rways Group ), has provided ideal services for creating customer values for the last 28 years and we especially take strong pride in providing both domestic and foreign trading for major steel, automobile, and grain companies. In July of 2006, we were certified as the first Integrated shipping and logistics Company in shipping industry by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Republic of Pakistan.

We guarantee the quality of transport service through our professionalism of organized, effective business strategy based on Rways Quality Management System (RYQS). We are also jumping up to become a faithful company through maximizing profit and customer satisfaction in the long-term aspect.

In addition, we will grow up to be truly named as a global Integrated Logistics Company by modernizing ships and equipments, expanding the basis of overseas network, and constantly investing on high-tech information system with a purpose to satisfy various requirements for the customers, at this global economic era.

We, RGC (Rways Group ), hold history and tradition of 28 years, as well as passion and youth.

Dear honored customers,
We would always like to be together with you as a family and companion, and we hope for your continuous support and concern on Rways Group (R.G.C).

Thank you once again.

M. Ramzan Saranpuri
Rways GC (C.E.O)
:.: Welcome To Rways Group :.: