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  :.: Welcome To Rways Group :.:
Specialist Dry Cargo
R.G.C Tank Services
Shipping Services
Services Partner
Break Bulk Vessel
Hazardous Materials Desk
Project, Oversized and Special Cargoes
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Seafalcon Agencies
Rways Logistics
Rways Container Line
ZAF Shipping Line Agents LLC
SF Mineral
Seafalcon Container Houses
Ship Breaking

Rways Group of companies. (www.rwaysgroup.com) is the nation's leading international ocean shipping and integrated logistics company. .

The Values
Rways Group of companies values are captured in our focus and commitment to the Seven C's:
1. Credibility
2. Customers
3. Consideration
4. Cost
5. Cooperation
6. Communication
7. Competition
Rways Group of companies, is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Passed by SPC and signed into law in 1985.
  • States that all cargo sailing from one Pakistan .
  • The law applies to all domestic cargo sailing on Transport.
  • Similar requirements have been established for all forms of domestic cargo and passenger transportation in the Pakistan and UAE and in nearly all developed nations.
  • Provides long-term service and rate stability end encourages investment in domestic port infrastructure.
  • A factor in national security in that all domestic transportation is owned and operated by Pakistan citizens.
Environmental Commitment :
As a domestic transportation leader, Rways Group of companies is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the safety and health of our associates and the public. We back our commitment with programs that promote best practices in environmental stewardship.

We continue to set goals for ongoing improvement throughout Horizon Lines. We owe it to our associates, our owners, our customers, and future generations to be good stewards of the environment.
Rways Green: Environmental Policy.
MISSION: Through our RwaysGreen Initiative, we strive to better understand and measure our impact on the environment, and to develop programs that incorporate environmental thinking and mitigation into our core operations.

Within the initiative, RwaysGreen is addressing four key areas.
:.: Welcome To Rways Group :.: